Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Enabling Scientific Discovery with Microsoft SharePoint

Takeda, K., Scott, M., Coles, S., Carr, L., Frey, J. and Cox, S. (2010) Enabling Scientific Discovery with Microsoft SharePoint. In: Microsoft eScience Workshop, October 11-13th, 2010, Berkeley, California. 

Scientists and engineers facing increasing amounts of data must create, execute and navigate complex workflows, collaborate within and outside their organisations, and need to share their work with others. In this paper we demonstrate how the Microsoft SharePoint platform provides an integrated feature set that can be leveraged in order to significantly improve the productivity of scientists and engineers. We investigate how SharePoint 2010 can be used, and extended, to manage data and workflow in a seamless way, and enable users to publish their data with full access control. We describe, in detail, how we have used SharePoint 2010 as the IT infrastructure for large, multi-user facilities including the UK National Crystallography Service, µ-Vis CT scanning facility, and the Southampton Nano-Fabrication facility. We also demonstrate how SharePoint 2010 can be integrated into the everyday lives of scientists and engineers for managing and publishing their data in our Materials Data Centre , which provides an easy-to-use data management system from lab bench to journal publication via EPrints.

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